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My current novel:

Part 1 and 2 of the series, written and published in German. Intentionally the story's location isn't named - so the reader could imagine it happend in Canada/USA or Germany.



From death to life through love



From the series: The legends of vampires arisen out of blood and love


A suspenseful and exhilarating love story complete with powerful and insightful characters, they experience a series of adventures both provocative and thrilling, all the while infused with just a touch of humour


genre:                                                romantic-fantasy

target group:                                    female readers

volume:                                             part 1: 506 pages

                                                             part 2: 500


type:                                                    first of a series,

two further manuscripts exist in draft form, and four others at concept stage

time :                                             (part1+2) present day

place:                                            Germany or North America + UK


The reader will be transported into the world of terminally ill author Lara and the vampire John, grieving widower. Revel in their journey of love, laughter, and dreams, while also sharing in the fears that plague them about their differences - all threatening - whether real or imagined. The eternal hope for a happy ending will remain.


This wondrous tale is supported by richly drawn and impactful characters and will leave readers with a feeling of anticipation for the next chapter, or for the next book. The heart will pound with excitement upon entering the realm of Lara and John and will continue to do so until the end of their interlude.